• Image of Durance Provence Candle Verbena 180g
  • Image of Durance Provence Candle Verbena 180g

The Durance scented candle :
Handmade and decorated in our Provence, this candle with soft and tender fragrance will perfume your home as well as creating a lively and refreshing atmosphere. The result of true expertise, the ingredients used to make this candle are carefully chosen to burn cleanly and perfume beautifully.

Verbena perfume :
All the freshness of verbena expressed through lively and refreshing citrus notes.

Explained by the nose :
Rediscover the scent of fresh verbena with citrus notes of lemon and citronella. The fragrance of a freshly picked lemon verbena!

Burning time : About 40h
Library : Kitchen, entrance hall, corridor, lounge, bathroom
Family : Fresh and Citrus
Ambiance: Lively and refreshing